Website Design

Whether you want a brand new website or looking for a website redesign, Semaphore Marketing can help. I have experience with a variety of content management systems (CMS) but my preferred website platform is WordPress.  WordPress is flexible, stable and secure; as your business grows, so can your website.

I have a balanced approach to website design with an ultimate focus on your customer.

Your website design needs to be a good representation of your business and visually appealing but it also needs to be found by search engines. What’s the point of a having a beautiful website that no one can find? Likewise, all SEO tricks and paid advertising can do is bring the traffic. A website that is easily found on Google isn’t going to win you business if your potential customer can’t find what they want once they get there.

Our website design and development is typically:

  • mobile responsive (using mobile first approach)
  • search engine optimised
  • built with your customers in mind
  • tracked with Google Analytics
  • able to be managed and updated by you


Do you really need a website?

A website has the potential to save on operational time and bring in new customers. But it does require maintenance and has an ongoing cost. When considering your website design, the key question is what is the purpose of your website? How you answer that question will shape the size and functionality of your website. In most cases, a website will be a worthwhile investment for your business. But if the purpose of having a website is “everyone says I should”, then you might not need one. There may be more suitable digital platforms for you to consider like Google My Business.